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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts from Target

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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is this week and it’s still crazy to me that I am a mother this year. It definitely doesn’t feel like this day is for me! BUT I can surely think of things I’d like if anyone wants to shower me with gifts, ha!

The traditional pedi, massage, spa day stuff is spot on. When I buy gifts for people I always want to wow them with something no one else would think of that would be super meaningful to them so they know that I know them better than anyone else. I also usually fail at that because I’m not that great at gift giving. So what I’m saying is, that spa stuff isn’t cliche like you may be worried about. This mama loves a good pedicure. I love it even more when I don’t have to pay for it.

And because the lazy gift giver in me (not to be confused with the spectacular gift giver I want to be) likes to keep things simple, here are some ideas you can grab at Target for around $25. These are really just things I like, but I’m a mom so there’s a good chance other mom’s will like them too, right?

1 This lamp is my favorite and I’m currently typing this in its glow. I’ve bought a few bedside lamps and returned them and this one was the most affordable I tried and my fave, so it got to stay. I ordered another one online yesterday for Will’s side of the bed.

2 I’ve been perusing the outdoor and gardening aisles lately with dreams of an amazing back deck to hang out on this summer and we are just going to pretend that I’ve ever been successful at keeping a plant alive long term, so I probably need this watering can and these garden boots. I’m sure the fact that they’re pretty will convince me to spend all my spare time watering flowers and weeding flower beds, right?

3 I am really into white flower pots, and this one is pretty cute. I have this vision of having multiple white pots in different shapes in sizes, hopefully with living plants in them, around my home.

4 And maybe this is just me, but I’m in desperate need of some comfy jackets that aren’t covered in paint. There comes a point in the paint clothes life cycle that it’s not even acceptable to be seen in Home Depot with your paint covered clothes, and I am to that point with my favorite jackets. Promise I won’t paint in this one!

Ok and one last thing about Target that I discovered when I was updating my RedCard info online…did you know that you can designate a school to receive a donation of 1% of your purchases? No one I’ve talked to knew about that, and I think it’s pretty cool. I designate my hometown high school because #hometownpride. And if you haven’t signed up for a RedCard yet, you totally should. I’m convinced you get more coupons at the register when you use it!


Shandy @ HappyMeetsHome

Monday 2nd of May 2016

I want all of this too!! Happy First Mothers Day!!


Tuesday 3rd of May 2016

Thank you! And Happy Mother's Day to you too!