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Graham Russell: 8 Months

graham 8 months

Whoops, we left on his cam0 socks for pictures! #stylin’

This little dude is 2/3 the way through his first year, and month 8 was the one of his busiest months yet. He learned to army crawl forward, learned how to put himself into sitting position, learned how to get into everything single thing not meant for babies, and he got his first 2 teeth this month! We are still waiting on mama and dada, but hopefully his first words will come soon!

Stats: According to our scale he’s at 19.8 lbs. No idea if that’s accurate or not but he feels pretty heavy!

Eating: We moved to stage 2 purees but I’m still a scardy cat when it comes to real solids. I’ll probably wait until after our 9 month appointment just to be safe. As soon as he’s officially crawling on all 4s we can move up to the stage 3 foods…I’m such a rule follower. Still haven’t taken a baby CPR class and I really need to look into it this month.

Sleep: The 8 month old mom that I am is laughing at the 7 month mom that I was, because our great sleeping didn’t last. Those dang teeth screwed it all up and now he wakes up screaming in the middle of the night until I put him in the rock n play in our room. I just need to pack that dang thing up and make him cry it out, but I’m a weenie and I’m tired and don’t want to deal with it. Also my sister lives with us so I always feel bad when he cries in the night when she has to work the next day. Everything is a stage. I just keep repeating that to myself.

graham 8 balloons

graham 8 looking

Mood: Gosh this kid can be so silly. And he loves smiling at strangers and has been accused of being a flirt. He’s definitely attached to his mommy, but mostly just when we are at home. Out and about he loves to watch other people and is pretty go with flow. But then no one believes me when I say he is needy, ha!

Likes: Doing what he wants.
Sucking on toes (he’s weird), pulling hair, giving kisses, Easter eggs, tossing a ball around, funny faces, emptying baskets, and he still loves looking at lights

Dislikes: Not doing what he wants. He’s already preparing himself for the toddler years! ;)

You guys I’ve finally reached the point where I don’t want him to grow any more, however if he wants to start sleeping through the night again that would be ok. He is just the perfect amount of squishy and smiles and I want him to stay this way forever.