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Graham Russell: 11 Months

graham 11 months

11 months silly

You guys, 11 month photo shoots are crazy. It was hard to keep all the balloons in the picture because a certain someone was determined to yank them all and send them flying to the ceiling. He had a ball!

Keeping up with Graham’s milestones these days is tough, everything is happening so fast! He now has 4 teeth, he can stack blocks 3 high, and he’s trying to figure out how to sort shapes. So far he has mastered the circle. ;) He isn’t walking yet but sometimes looks like he’s thinking about it then decides to crawl. He can stand unassisted, but if he notices he isn’t holding on to anything he’ll plop down to the ground. No first words yet, but he babbles all the time, so I’m sure they’re coming. He babbles “dada” and when I ask him to say mama he says “baba,” so maybe I’ll be baba when he connects the dots?

Stats: He sat on our scale the other day and rang up a little over 21 pounds. No idea on his height but I think he’s average or maybe even a shorty.

Eating: He finally got the hang of solids after a weekend at Grandma’s house. All it took was a package of graham crackers and then he was open to eating everything with his fingers. So now we are phasing out the baby food and I’ve got to get some better plans in place to make sure his meals are well rounded and nutritious.

Sleeping: About a month ago we were at the end of our rope and finally did cry it out. It was painful for 2-3 nights and he screamed for a few hours before falling asleep, but started sleeping through the night almost instantly. Since then we’ve been able to do our bedtime routine of bottle, bath, books then turn on his sound machine and put him down and he’ll go to sleep. It is the best thing I’ve ever done for him and for me. I’ve had to go to him in the middle of the night about once a week, but I can just rock him for a few minutes until he’s calmed down then we both go back to sleep. So. worth. it.

11 months crazy balloons

11 months balloon to face

11 months clapping

Mood: Graham is super expressive as always. When he’s happy he is the happiest little guy you’ve ever seen. We were at a friends birthday party yesterday and he was having the time of his life, throwing his hands up and cheering. It was so cute! But we were also at a visitation this past week and he finished his bottle and wailed and wailed dramatically, so there’s that. We have a lot of fun with him though. I love watching his little mind work.

Likes: He’s gotten really into tickle time lately, so fun! He likes to stack blocks and clap for himself, he’s starting dancing recently – he just slowly sways back and forth no matter the beat of the music. He likes to rip up paper and try to sneak tastes of it here and there. Who knows how much of he’s eaten so far….?

Dislikes: This list is getting smaller. There aren’t really particular things he doesn’t like anymore, just things he doesn’t like if you catch him in the wrong mood.

I haven’t really started planning Graham’s 1st birthday party yet, but I guess I better get on it because it’ll be here in less than 3 weeks! I am so happy to only have to set up this photo shoot with the balloons one more time. It’s such a pain but I really do love the pictures so much once it’s done. As you can see this photoshoot got a little out of hand. Most of the pictures are blurry because I didn’t have my shutter speed going fast enough, but I love the shot of him hitting himself in the face and how the number of balloons keeps decreasing because they flew away. Such a disaster that’s so funny to look back on! The next time we recap here, my baby will be a year old!