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Reading with a baby

reading baby

I have always loved to read. Before I entered my rebellious teen years, I actually used to get in trouble for reading too late into the night. I want my kids to love to read just as much as I do.

Graham is finally starting to like books. We started going to story time at our local library when he was 7 months old and we just signed up for his first library card a few weeks ago.

Reading to a baby can be interesting. At first they have no idea what’s going on. Then they still have no idea what’s going on but want to grab the book. Graham will lay back and listen to me read sometimes, but then other times it turns into a dangerous game of throw the book and I have been wacked in the face on more than one occasion. Good stuff.

But he’s finally getting to the age where he can start learning some stuff while we read. I see other moms ask “Where’s the sun?” or “Point to the tree” to babies just a couple months older than Graham who happily oblige, so I know I need to start working on that stuff with him.

We are definitely doing the 1000 books before kindergarten program, although I’ve been slacking on reporting. You can record the same book multiple times if you read it daily to help reach your goal, but I’d really like to introduce Graham to 1000 different books before he’s 5. Currently I’m obviously picking out the books, but I can’t wait until he’s old enough for us to read chapter books and I can teach him how to pick out a good paperback book by the way it feels like worn leather from being read so much. <— nerd alert

So what are your favorite books for a 1 year old? (I can’t believe I’m asking that question…just 3 weeks until his first birthday!) We are always up for new suggestions and I think we can check out up to 200 books. Like whoa!