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why I donate to goodwill


Monday 7th of November 2022

I do not donate to Goodwill anymore! I cleaned all 3 kids clothes out, bagged them up and took them to Goodwill. While unloading the bags I noticed a woman sorting out piles of clothes; she had one extra large pile she kept adding to. I finally asked what that pile was for and she said the 'rag pile', then I noticed she had the clothes I brought in and she was throwing them in the rag pile. The clothes were not worn out or stained, they just didn't fit my kids anymore. I was upset that I spent all that time saving the clothes so someone else could use them and they barely even looked at them before trashing them. NOW I have found a place that sells everything and all profits are used to support a Mexican orphanage. Anything they cannot sell goes to the Mexico thrift store a few miles away. I found an organization that collects clothes for woman getting out of jail and they need nice clothes for interviews or work clothes (they give the women clothes). Children services department collects clothes to give to kids when they are removed from the home in an emergency situation. There are so many different places to donate just make sure the things you are donating are really going where you hope they are.

Patricia L Vergiels

Sunday 6th of November 2022

I find I have many good items that I do not need or want anymore. Time changes the things I might have been interested in at one time. Hoping some ideas can be of use to someone else.