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Kitchen Progress

painted kitchen1

painted kitchen

So folks, this is where we are on the big extended kitchen project! So far we have:

painted the cabinets
replaced the backsplash
replaced the countertop/sink/faucet

Whoa and that’s kind of depressing so see that that’s only 3 things with the amount of work it feels like I’ve put into it over the last 6 months.

Just to refresh your memory since it’s been awhile, this is what we started with.

kitchen cabinets

kitchen sink

So what’s left on the list is:

Paint walls and trim
New lighting
Refinish floors

Painting walls and trim is the next immediate step and I think I’m going with white. Will is scared but so far my vision has worked out alright so I told him to have faith. Plus it’s just paint, right?

I have a vision of putting two huge reclaimed wood shelves on the wall behind our table once everything is painted. I think that along with new light fixtures will really bring everything together!

kitchen table

Those red curtains are already gone and I found a really cool set of old chairs that we’re using with it, but I already moved everything off the countertops and onto the table for the first pictures in this post, and I’m not really ready to move it all back yet, so this old picture will have to do!

We are at the mercy of our budget and our motivation to get things done around Graham’s nap schedule, so it will take some time before we get that far. I’m already loving it so much better with the painted cabinets even if it it kind of clashes with the walls and floors. And as for the floors, we will definitely be hiring that out when we get to it, but I’m not sure when that will be at this point.

Overall I’m really happy with how it’s coming along. :)