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New Arrivals: Fun Patterns

The Breezy Room has more new arrivals this week, and I, for one, and pretty excited about them. So let’s get right to it, shall we?

yellow aztec print scarf

1. YELLOW AZTEC PRINT SCARF – This one is fighting it’s way to the top as one of my very favorites! It’s bright but will work well for fall and winter, too. $13

coral chevron scarf

2. YELLOW AND CORAL DECO PRINT SCARF – I couldn’t pass up this vibrant print. $13

green polka dot plaid

3. Green Polka Dot and Plaid Infinity Scarf - The red version of this sold out quick, so I ordered some of these to add in some variety. But if you love it you better order quick because there’s only 1 left! I also ordered a few more of the red ones. :) $14

black and tan chevron scarf

4. Black and Brown Chevron Infinity Scarf – This is a shorter scarf that would be perfect to pair with a jacket or coat in cooler weather. $15

black and gray chevron scarf

5. Black and Gray Chevron Infinity Scarf – Same scarf as the one above in a different color :) $15

mint polka dot scarf

6. Mint Polka Dot Infinity Scarf – Somebody please tell me what I was thinking when I only ordered 1 of these? When I saw there was only 1 I thought there must have been a mistake, because this scarf is adorable, but the invoice confirmed that I received the correct amount. So somebody better snatch this up quick…then let me borrow it :) $15

Which style is your favorite?  

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New Arrivals: Plaid

Scarves are taking over my Facebook page, this blog and my life. One step into my apartment full of boxes, plastic and over a hundred scarves laying around the living room confirms that. My vocabulary is almost entirely made up of the word “scarves” at this point. It’s getting ridiculous. But I love it.

I found some awesome plaid scarves that are perfect for representing my hometown and are great for football games and even basketball season. I’ve had quite a few people already purchase these, but there are still some left here. Even if blue and gold aren’t your school colors, it’s super cute and super soft!

Hamilton Scarf

I received some feedback and a request for more plaid, so more plaid is what you get!

Plaid Scarves

1. Plaid Infinity Scarf - I love how soft, warm and classic this scarf is!

2. Plaid Polka Dot Infinity Scarf – This scarf is a thinner fashion scarf. For plaid lovers and polka dot lovers this is the best of both worlds!

plaid polka dot scarf

3. Red Plaid Infinity Scarf – This scarf is the exact same as the blue and gold only in different colors. Again, soft, warm, and comfy. Perfect for the cooler weather heading our way!

Which plaid scarf tickles your fancy? Are there any other colors or styles you’d love to see in the shop? 


Currently 10.6.14

Hey there! It feels like forever since we’ve met in this little space. This week I am going to try my very hardest to get back into blogging 3-4 times a week. It’s funny how things work out, because since quitting my job I feel like I’ve had less time to devote to writing and sharing. I thought maybe we could catch up today with a “Currently” post to let you know what I’ve been up to lately! So here it goes. I am currently….

Looking like: selfie

Just in case you forgot what I look like since I haven’t been around :) Plus I’m kind of proud of curling my hair like this for the first time. So I took a selfie, sue me!

Painting: A farm table that has been in my garage for far too many months. In fact, it has been waiting for its second coat of paint for at least two weeks now. I promise you though, it’s worth the wait. At my part-time faux finishing job we recently finished some kitchen cabinets and now we’re working on a front door and railing. I’m so excited to be learning all these new (to me) ways to paint!

Decorating: My apartment for fall. Except I haven’t exactly started yet. I’ve been trying to decide what my fall style will be. How do you combine the popular primitive farm styles with breezy? I’m working on it, folks. I really like these things I saw at First Fridays this past weekend. Maybe I’ll have to do some crafting this week. :)

I like the idea of a pumpkin I can reuse year after year.

wooden pumpkin

And wouldn’t some mums be pretty in this set up?


Working on: My online scarf shop. We’ve been in business for a little over a week now and I’ve already reordered scarves. I’ll do a new arrivals post later this week to let you know what’s new! I am loving being a business owner although I’ll admit that I’m not completely sure what I’m doing all the time. I’m so thankful for a supportive community and mentors who are willing to give me guidance when I need it. I’m telling ya, the post office had me all sorts of confused for about a day and a half!

P.S. My Facebook page is the place to be for news about current deals and discounts. I’ll be running a few each week!

Obsessed with: A clean house and fall candles. I swear it makes all my days a billion times better. And can I tell you a not-so-secret secret? I hate cleaning. I will avoid it for as long as I possibly can. Luckily, Will does most of the cleaning, but sometimes I’ll promise him that I’ll do the dishes and then I’ll leave them in the sink until right before he comes home from work because I don’t want to do them. Call me lazy or whatever, I’d just rather be doing other things, like working on my business. I finally decided that I am much more productive and content throughout the day if I start out with a sparking clean place to land. Who knew all that extra mess was actually adding to my stress? I know, everyone knows this.

And fall candles? They make it smell like I’ve actually been cooking yummy things in addition to cleaning, and who doesn’t like fall candles? The smell of pumpkin and caramel instantly puts me in my happy place!

So now that you’re all caught up on my extremely exciting life, what have you been up to lately? Are fall decorations and candles making it into your home yet? 


Yesterday we celebrated one of my best friends’ upcoming wedding with a bridal shower, and it. was. adorable. Her sister put it together with a rustic fall theme and really made things look nice! I’m in the wedding party, so another friend/bridesmaid and I showed up a little early to help set up and I just knew I had to blog about some of the decorations and ideas. I hear you can find most of these out there on Pinterest already (but come on, what ISN’T on Pinterest already?) but I’m going to go ahead and round them all up together today.


bridal shower3

I hadn’t seen these centerpieces before,and they were super easy and inexpensive! The bride’s sister just filled the bubble ball vases with rocks from a local river, added water and floating votive candles, then wrapped twine around the vase in a fun pattern and WA-LAH! Super cute, easy and inexpensive centerpiece.

There were also wine glass centerpieces wrapped in burlap and filled with hand picked wild flowers picked from the side of the road. I thought that was another great money saving idea rather than buying/ordering flowers for a shower that only lasts 2-3 hours.


bridal shower2

I thought this little book was so pretty decorated with burlap, lace and fun letters. The inside pages were blank and guests left love-ly words of wisdom for the soon-to-be newlyweds. It was a fun little project to keep guests busy while they ate and visited at the beginning of the shower, not to mention how fun it would be to read as the bride and groom.


bridal shower1

This one was one of my favorites, probably because I’ve been meaning to make a date night jar for Will and I for a while now, but haven’t got around to it. Everyone wrote a date idea on a popsicle stick and stuck it in the jar for days/nights when the newlyweds need a fresh date idea.


bridal shower4

Guests fill out note cards with their favorite recipes. I think the family members enjoyed this more than anyone, as they were able to pass down family recipes that they already knew the bride loved. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to participate because I’m pretty sure they don’t need a recipe card to figure out how to cook a frozen pizza, which is about as far as I’ve gotten in the cooking world! Either way, I loved the idea!


bridal shower

Okay, so this one isn’t anything new, but mason jars never lose their appeal and I couldn’t resist taking a picture. I’m still trying to figure out how that paper straw didn’t get soggy in my lemonade…


bridal shower6

Another bridesmaid and I took on the responsibility of the cupcakes and cupcake wraps and made these out of burlap and ribbon. We just cut the burlap into circles (we bought cupcakes and used the liners as a template for the size) and laced ribbon through them and then tied them around the cupcakes. I’ll warn you though, it’s more time consuming than it appears and somehow I ended up with a blister on my finger from threading the ribbon, but I think they were well worth the trouble. I’m even making more for the wedding!



Apparently I’m the only person who thinks it’s weird to have to give out gifts on your day of receiving them, but if you’re going to make favors, go big or go home. The bride’s sister also made this homemade hand scrub for guests to take on their way out. The display was super pretty and the hand scrub smelled delicious. I ended up with three of them. As a guest I really enjoyed these favors and will actually get some use out of them. I guess favors aren’t so bad after all!

Have you ever seen any of these ideas at a bridal shower? Do you have any other favorites? 


Inventory is on the Way!

You guys. I am so excited about my new online store I can hardly stand it. 30 styles of scarves are all on the road on the way to my doorstep right now.

Here’s a sneak peek at the new website. You can actually get to it now and sign up to receive discounts in your inbox. I’ve also provided a little discount code for when the store opens as well as sneak peeks into the inventory.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 3.33.36 PM

Look at all those windows I have open on the computer. Will hates that, ha! I’m a busy lady, what can I say?

Those really are 4 of the 30 styles that I ordered. However, those are the manufacturers’ photos which I only have uploaded to get a better sense of how the website will look when finished. Once they arrive I’ll have to retake my own photos, get them posted and then we’ll be open for business. I suppose I should have an actual open date, but I’m too excited to wait, so I just plan on opening the shop as soon as everything is ready to go. I’m hoping that will be by Saturday since the inventory is scheduled to arrive on Friday.

A few of you are a little confused as to why I’m selling scarves when I paint furniture. I’m not quitting furniture, I’m just expanding if you will. The two are not exactly related, but I assume that the same people who like pretty furniture also like pretty scarves, so it’s a win-win, right?

For now I’ll be sharing both furniture and scarves on my existing Facebook page, but if it creates too much confusion I might eventually create a new Facebook page just for the scarves.

Also, I’m giving away a super cute fall scarf over at Venus Trapped in Mars today. Go check it out!


Painted French Nightstand

Last week I showed you the french dresser that I painted for a friend, and today I thought I’d show you another piece of the set I finished over the weekend.

I snapped this picture with my iPhone late at night, so the color is actually the same as the dresser in “real life”.

painted french nightstand

Can I just whine for a few seconds about how much I despise the shorter days? I always feel like I’m racing the sun to see how much I can get done before it disappears and when the days start getting shorter, it’s feels impossible to beat it. On the other hand, I am enjoying the fall boots and scarf weather that’s getting closer, so there’s that.

Anyways, we were thinking about painting the handles pink, but they had the perfect amount of patina so we decide to paint the sides of the drawers pink instead and leave the handles as is. I love how it turned out. Perfect for a little girl’s room! I ended up going back and adding the pink sides to dresser’s drawers as well. So pretty!

This week I’m working on finishing up a beautiful old farm table that I’ve been hoarding for way too long. It’s a friend’s grandma’s old table. I love the pieces that have a story behind them! I can’t wait to show it to you.

Do you like the look of the painted drawer sides? 


Date Night at Home

This post is sponsored by Lindt HELLO. #ItStartedWithHello

Will and I have almost been married for 4 months, and that’s crazy to me. It’s all going by so fast, and at the same time, I can barely remember the wedding. Funny how time works, huh?

The most repeated piece of wedding advice we received was to never stop dating even though we were married. We already kind of suck at this, but I blame it on saving money for buying a house in the near future. [click to continue…]


The Breezy Room Store

So I’m finally ready to share what I’ve been up to lately, and why this space has seemed a little less occupied since I quit my job a couple weeks ago.

I let you know last week that I’ve been painting for a local faux finishing company in Kansas City. I’m absolutely loving it, although I admit that I’m still working on the whole time management thing. I had it all figured out when I was home all day for a total of 2 days, but now I’m typically working from 9-2:30. I keep sleeping in until 7:30 or so and getting ready for work. While it’s glorious to sleep in every morning, the truth is that I could be crossing things off my to-do list before work.

Like ordering inventory for The Breezy Room, an online shop I’ll be launching within a couple weeks.

About me photo

I just announced the big news, did you miss it? Let me tell you again. I’m officially an entrepreneur and My Breezy Room is expanding!

As soon as I get the new website up and running, you’ll be the first to know. In fact, I’ll definitely be offering special discounts to my beloved blog followers, so keep an eye out for those!

At this point you’re probably wondering what exactly I’ll be selling in this online shop. Well, for now I’m going to offer a large variety of scarves and maybe some jewelry. As I start making sales, I’ll increase my inventory and eventually the goal is to expand into home decor.

As far as furniture goes, for now I’m taking a break from finding and selling furniture. BUT for all you Kansas City people out there, I’m taking custom orders and would be more than happy to paint any furniture you already own. (If you’re interested, email me at mybreezyroom@gmail.com for an estimate.) I already have some customers lined up, so before-and-afters will continue flowing.

Blogging has been a little sparse with everything going on lately, but I just need a little longer to get into an efficient routine and I’ll be right back here like before, and with even more to offer! And by more, I mean scarves and jewelry. :) 

I’m excited to take this next step and happier than ever with my decision to go out on my own. I’m even more excited that I have all of you cheering me on and tagging along for the ride. So thank you for that!

So tell me, what kind of scarves are your favorite? Infinity? Floral patterned? Let me know what you’re drawn to!


Happy Monday! Today I got the day “off” and will be spending most of it painting furniture and catching up on blog stuffs. But right now, I have one of my best furniture reveals ever!

I am so excited to show you the after picture, I can hardly stand it! So we’re going to make this post short and sweet so you can get to the good stuff.

This dresser was well worth the extra effort of a 40 minute drive + loading it down a flight of stairs. I knew from the beginning that it had amazing potential

french dresser

And there’s really nothing I can add here worth reading, because the after picture says it all.

turquoise french dresser

I think I mentioned it before, but this dresser is for one of my best friends. She’s putting it in her daughter’s room. I mean, how adorable will this be? (While it looks like it’s in a room right now, I actually just staged it in my garage.)

We googled turquoise dressers before heading to Home Depot to pick out a color, and we were a little nervous about this color choice, because it wasn’t as turquoise as we thought we wanted. Funny how everything is a “we” in this situation, huh? It was really all up to her. But anyways, I think the color is perfect. I’m so glad we went with this one.

I can’t wait to see my friend’s face when she comes to pick it up. I hope she loves it as much as I do! :)

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I feel like I’ve been a little MIA lately, which is the exact opposite of what I thought would happen once I quit my job. But lately, life has been taking over.

I’ve already started working part-time for a local faux finishing company here in Kansas City. I jumped right in and yesterday I was on the top tier of a scaffold. If you know me, you know that’s a huge deal. Today I climbed to the top with no second thoughts and climbed down without over thinking it. Am I alone here or does anyone else think the hardest part of heights is getting down? Either way, here’s to personal growth!

So that’s been great! This past weekend I picked up this AWESOME french provincial dresser that one of my best friends is buying from me. She picked out one of my favorite colors and I can’t wait to get it finished up to show you guys!

french dresser

I’m way too excited about this one. Maybe people find these at affordable prices all the time, but this is a first for me!

So I’m going to cut this post short because I need to get to painting before it gets dark out! Hopefully I’ll have something pretty to show you tomorrow! :)