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Why I don't use chalk paint

When I first started painting furniture about 3 years ago, I started off with chalk paint. It was a new product (to me anyways) that promised to make painting easy and I think it made trying a new project less intimidating. With chalk paint you aren't supposed to have to sand or prime your furniture [...]

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Follow Your Arrow

follow your arrow sign

I'm a sucker for corny phrases and song lyrics, especially on an adorable, perfectly naturally distressed wooden sign. There's just something about being able to read that lovely hand-painted font over and over that makes me want to find out where MY arrow is pointing and follow it to do something amazing. Here's to hoping [...]


13 Week Bumpdate

13 week bumpdate

I did so well with blogging last week and then fell off the bandwagon again. I thought I'd show up today for a bump date, since (spoiler alert) I actually have one now. However, I do think this picture is a bit misleading. It doesn't look near this big unless I guess you're looking at me [...]

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12 Week Bumpdate

12 week

  size of the baby: about 2 inches total weight gain: I think I've gained a few pounds but I let my little brother borrow my scale for wrestling season so I don't know exactly. But the weight gain at this point is most likely a product of my eating habits and not an emerging bump. [...]


After Will and I found out about our new addition coming this August, we decided to get more serious about house shopping, which we've been talking about for a while. And it is hard. I hate shopping anyways. I like the getting of the new things part of shopping, I hate the searching and trying [...]


It’s All About the People

pop up bout

I think the coolest part of taking the chance to start my own business is the people that I've met along the way. There's this instant bond between entrepreneurs, even thought I don't feel like I qualify yet. It's kind of like blogging. I loved everything about blogging from the beginning because I felt like [...]

baby announcement photo

I can't make this kid act normal, so I gave up on proper pregnancy announcement photos. These will have to do! I already made the announcement on Facebook last week, then realized I hadn't published anything here for all of my non-Facebook follows. So...surprise, we're expecting! You didn't see that coming, huh? We found out [...]

monthly meal planner

One of my favorite blog friends Julie happens to have some mad design skills so I asked her if she'd like to contribute to the blog a couple times a month and lucky for us she was willing to! So I'm handing it over to her today, enjoy! ..... Hey Friends! Since it's close to [...]

chunky cardigan

Today I'm making my modeling debut with the new clothes I've added to my online boutique! Navy Baseball Tee - $22.00 Aztec Print Cardigan - $44.00 Red Quarter Length Cut Out Top - $24.00 Ivory Crochet Overlay Tunic - $25.00 Mustard Block Print Button-up Top - $29.00 White Cut Out Tank - $38.00 I've been working quite [...]

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how to save money

If you know me personally, you already know that I am all about Dave Ramsey and making responsible financial decisions. Will and I are currently completely out of debt and have paid off some pretty big bills like my student loans and his truck that he just had to buy new off-the-lot. I have skipped [...]

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