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baby announcement photo

This has been a really good week for me. Maybe not a productive week, but a good one. But seriously, I cannot remember what a flat stomach feels like!!!! WILL I EVER KNOW AGAIN???? Last night Will got to feel the baby move for the first time (I may have had to prod it a [...]

Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

To the dismay of almost everyone in our lives, we aren't finding out the gender of our baby. To me, I just can't imagine having a special moment in the doctors office the moment we find out whether it's a girl or a boy and I feel like I'd be forcing that "moment" to happen, [...]


20 Week Bumpdate

20 Weeks

Last Thursday marked the halfway point of our pregnancy, and I can't believe how fast it seems to be going! I have a feeling time will be slowing down soon, but luckily we have some other distractions coming up that might make time speed up again! We'll be moving into our new house in a [...]

After Desk

This week things are busy around here! I have at least 3 pieces of furniture to paint between now and Thursday, because Friday I'll be attending a local blog conference, Go Blog Social KC. I'm trying to stay productive and push back the excitement of seeing some of my favorite blog friends and the stress [...]




It all started 2 weeks ago when I asked Will if he liked my hair better "now" (which was then), or when it's longer. And he replied that he liked it even shorter like I had it a few years ago. So then the wheels started turning and I started searching for a more trendy shorter [...]


4 Month Bumpdate

15 weeks

I'm failing miserably at weekly bump pictures. I just can't find the right spot and I don't have enough flattering clothes to make it exciting for me. As you can probably tell, I'm already out growing most of my pre pregnancy clothes and I'm resisting investing in an entirely new wardrobe just quite yet because [...]

Turqouise Pie Safe painted by My Breezy Room

Do you know how hard it is to find the perfect color of turquoise paint when you're looking for it? Let's just say we struggled a bit with this piece, but as you'll soon see, it was worth it! My cousin Carol has been the biggest supporter of my business and this is the 3rd [...]

oversized navy baseball tee

Striped Baseball Tee from The Breezy Room Boutique Can I admit something to you all here? For a self-employed person, I have the worst work/life balance. And unlike the uber successful entrepreneurs, let's just say my scale is not tilting too far to the working side. We are taking some steps this week to start [...]

Why I don't use chalk paint

When I first started painting furniture about 3 years ago, I started off with chalk paint. It was a new product (to me anyways) that promised to make painting easy and I think it made trying a new project less intimidating. With chalk paint you aren't supposed to have to sand or prime your furniture [...]


Follow Your Arrow

follow your arrow sign

I'm a sucker for corny phrases and song lyrics, especially on an adorable, perfectly naturally distressed wooden sign. There's just something about being able to read that lovely hand-painted font over and over that makes me want to find out where MY arrow is pointing and follow it to do something amazing. Here's to hoping [...]