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4 Ways to Make Your Bed Cozy

Since I was in college, I’ve strived to make my bed feel as close to cloud status as possible. Up until then, all my bedding had been bright colored and patterned and I was just looking for something more simple and cozy. Now that I’ve lived the cloud bed life, I’ll never go back. If you’re looking to live your best cozy bed life, follow these 4 ways to make your bed cozy.

4 Ways to Make Your Bed Cozy

Go with white bedding.

My first piece of advice might be the most controversial, but hear me out. You cannot achieve complete cloud status without white bedding. I love our linen duvet. We have two kids who constantly make messes and little finger prints and smudges find their way onto our duvet, but it washes. And what’s more, you can bleach it. White bedding also makes it easy to change up the look of your entire room easily by switching out accessories. So go for it, you won’t regret it!

Invest in quality linens.

Your sheets, comforter and blankets make or break the coziness factor of your bed. So if you have something that’s itchy or too hot or not warm enough, get something new. You spend way too much of your life sleeping to tolerate mediocre linens.

Luckily, not all quality linens have to break the bank. California Design Den recently sent us their cotton sheet set in pin stripe and they are the best sheets we’ve ever owned. And the least expensive. They are super soft, they fit our thick, king size mattress perfectly (unlike our last set that was always coming undone from the corners in the night) and they look great. They also come in 15 different colors, so there’s something for everyone, even if you choose to ignore my rule about white bedding.

Keep extra blankets on hand.

You know you need sheets and a duvet or comforter, but I also recommend keeping around an extra throw blanket or two as well. The extra texture makes your bed look cozier, whether you just toss it messily onto your bed or fold it neatly over the end of the bed.

Also if you’re someone who hangs out in bed throughout the day – I may or may not be typing this from my bed – you can cuddle up with a blanket rather than unmake your entire bed to cozy up.

Layer pillows of different size, patterns and texture.

This is the best place to inject more personality into your cloud bed and one of the easiest ways to make your bed cozy. There is no right or wrong number of pillows you need for a cozy bed. But the more texture you can add, the cozier it will feel. I’ve had as many as 9 pillows on my bed and currently have just 5. Only 3 of those are decorative. While 7 beautiful textured throw pillows might look amazing, you also have to factor in your lifestyle. If you have a rambunctious 3-year-old running about, it may be more practical to pare it down a bit.

So have fun mixing mixing different sized pillows in various colors, patterns and textures. If you have a king size bed, you’ll probably want larger pillows. It’s nice to have a couple pillows that stretch the length of the bed. Then add at least one lumbar pillow to lay in front of them. From there you can be as pillow crazy or minimalist as you want!

As for your normal, every night pillow, this one is my absolute favorite. It’s adjustable so you can remove as much memory foam as you need to sleep comfortable. I’ve seen a huge reduction in headaches since I started using it!

So there you have it! Hopefully these four ways to make your bed cozy can help you take the next steps to creating the bed of your dreams!


Melanie Green

Monday 23rd of September 2019

Nice..that bed looks so cozy! I only use one pillow for my bed..have never thought about placing a layer of pillows. Getting some soon!

Ayan Kabir

Sunday 18th of August 2019

I love the cozy bed. I use a different type of pillows with the memory foam mattress topper to make my bed more comfortable. Thank you for sharing your informative idea.