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Quin Harper: 5-7 Months

5 months

Milestones: The big one this month is that she started rolling from her back to her belly. Unlike when she rolled belly to back, once she started she hasn’t stopped. She’s still not rolling the other way consistently so she keeps getting angry when she’s stuck on her stomach.

Clothes: We’re about done with 3-6 month. Lucky for us, my cousin brought over a bunch of hand me downs from her girls so we have quite the clothing collection for the next year or so!

Eating: I’m going to wait until she’s 6 months to start solids. Only about 3 weeks away at this point. I think we’re going to give baby led weaning a try. I can’t wait to see how she does.

Sleeping: Quin is sleeping in her own room every night now. We’ve done a mild cry it out and after one sort of rough night, she doesn’t cry for too long before going back to sleep. She was waking every hour or two for a couple weeks and that wasn’t going to work for me since Graham has given up naps. Overall her sleep isn’t too bad even though we’ve had a couple rough patches this month.

Mood: She’s been a little angsty lately. She’s wanted to be held standing up a lot lately, and it’s quite exhausting. I think she’s ready to be a little more mobile, but doesn’t have the skills so she’s kind of frustrated. Or maybe she just wants to be held. Hard to tell since she hasn’t told me anything…

Likes: She found her toes this month and loves playing with them. She likes her soft toys and is always trying to chew on them. She also enjoys chomping on daddy’s hand. Graham gets some pretty big giggles out of her when he sings and dances as long as he isn’t too close to her face. We’re still working on that with him.

Dislikes: She’s starting to realize when people are leaving the room and sometimes cries about it. She definitely doesn’t like being left in a room by herself. She doesn’t really show a preference for me yet, but likes to have someone around.

I am: finally feeling more normal. My body isn’t 100% back to normal but I don’t feel gross in all my clothes anymore.

6 months

Weight: 17lbs 11 oz

I have to be honest about 6 months, I’m writing this while she’s nearing 8 months old and I didn’t write down any of her milestones. I think it was a pretty fussy month and she hated being on her tummy so boycotted all rolling and tummy time.

I took these photos 2 weeks late so that’s where we are, ha!

I did give up on baby led weaning. The gagging (which is normal) was too scary for me. So baby food it is. I’m a wimp.

7 months

Weight: 18lbs 3 oz

Milestones: Quin is finally sitting up unassisted! I thought it was never going to happen. Turns out I was enabling her by always providing support or something for her to fall back on. One day I didn’t put anything behind her and she sat straight up, who knew! She also finally started rolling again and mastered rolling both ways. She’s still figuring out that she can roll to things if she wants them, but she’ll have that sorted out soon. She’s eating a lot more solids and can be quite chatty. She thinks Graham is really funny these days.

Clothes: My giant baby has become average. She’s in 6-9 month clothes and I think she’ll stay on target with the ones meant for her age from now on.

Eating: At 7 months, Quin was exclusively breastfed. My birthday was a couple days before she turned 7 months and that was my goal for breastfeeding and as a birthday present to myself I decided to give myself permission to quit. So we are in the process of weaning and she should make it almost to 8 months on breastmilk. She’s also eating stage 2 baby foods.

Sleeping: Quin is a pretty great sleeper. We’ve experienced a couple long day naps, but most of them are pretty short. She sleeps well overnight but is starting to realize she can get more momma cuddles if she tries hard enough. I’m a pushover.

Mood: We have been through so many fussy phases the past few weeks. We are starting to see a little more of her personality emerge though and I think once she figures out how to get more mobile she’ll be more content.

Likes: Being held. When Graham sings. Being thrown in the air. Eating. She loves eating!

Dislikes: Getting dressed. Being set down. When Graham is too in her face. Waiting for food.

We are so looking forward to these coming months. I have a feeling she’s getting ready to turn into a fun and easygoing baby again as soon as she figures out how to move around. I don’t mind when they get into stuff. I love the freedom from carrying them everywhere and love watching them explore the world. I can’t believe how time is flying and I get so excited thinking about everything she’ll be learning soon!