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My Breezy Room

I’m here to help you create a home you love with less.

I want you to find your home decor style and only own the things you love so you can create a space where you can live your real life.

What are you looking for?

Whether you’re here for inspo, ideas or to change your entire lifestyle, I’ve got ya covered!

Give me all the home decor inspo, please!

If your into the minimalist aesthetic, you’ll love these decorating ideas.

Let’s chat about houseplants!

When it comes to minimalism, plants don’t count. Check out my guide for beginners and plant decorating inspo!

I’m ready to simplify my life.

Minimalism is my jam. It’s how I found my home decor style and I love helping you reach your goals of living with less!

Simple shelf decorating idea: Propagated pothos in various sized jars/vases

Download my checklist of 50+ things you can get rid of right now!

If you’re just starting your minimalism journey, this guide will help you get a head start on ditching the clutter!

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