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Things I Want to Remember About the 2nd Month

Last month I wrote a post about the things I want to remember about the newborn stage, so I figured I’d keep that going for month 2 because there are so many little things I know will slip my mind as he grows. This week I went through the hundreds of photos on my phone and I already don’t even recognize that little newborn baby, he’s grown so much! As you can tell, my favorite pictures aren’t the perfect ones, they’re the cute, funny ones!


So this is what I want to remember about the 2nd month:

  1. Watching him roll over for the first time. To be fair he actually fell over after raising his head the highest he’s ever raised it on tummy time and the momentum of falling forced him to roll to his back. He hasn’t come close to doing it again, but it still counts right?
  2. Those first big smiles that definitely weren’t just gas.
  3. Every time he surprises us with another big smile when we aren’t even trying to get one. I’ll make funny faces and silly voices all day long to coax out smiles, but the biggest ones come when I’m not even trying.
  4. Walking into a room to check on him thinking he’s asleep to find him quietly cooing to himself. So adorable. And gives me hope he’ll learn to entertain himself a bit more as he gets older!
  5. Those cheeks and lips. They’re softest in the whole world and I can’t resist kissing them all day long.
  6. That nose, those leg rolls, that crazy hair.
  7. Speaking of hair, it’s finally getting long enough for some crazy bedhead. I love it so much.
  8. Our “tooting” exercises. I have to rotate his legs in a circle a few times a day to help him “get all his toots out” and boy does it work. So funny to hear them all come out at once.
  9. The way he lifts his wobbly head off my shoulder to look around the room with curiosity. He looks like a little turtle.
  10. The way his big ol’ belly sticks out all the time. I don’t notice it as much until I see someone else holding him and it’s sticking out from every angle. Like a toad with a big middle and little(er than this belly) legs.
  11. How freaking adorable he is when he sleeps, with those big cheeks drooping down. I forget how much I’ve been counting down the last couple hours until bedtime when he sleeps and am tempted to stare at him all night.
  12. But actually I’ve become guilty of falling asleep immediately after putting him to bed. Will will be waiting for me downstairs and eventually will come upstairs to find me sound asleep. Whoopsie. Taking care of a baby all day is exhausting, but have I mentioned how cute he is??

I am caught in this place where I can’t decide if I want time to speed up or slow down. I want to enjoy each of the stages for what they are, but I’m also so so excited for month 3 and all the new things he’s going to learn.