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Quin Harper: 8 Months

This month has been a really good one for Quin, and also kind of sad because we had at least 3 different rounds of colds she got hit with. All in all she handled them really well and was pretty content through it all. I am so anxious for her to start moving more in the next month or two!

Weight: Who knows? I think it’s around 19 lbs based on a weigh in my sister did with my parents’ scale, but I’m not sure!

Milestones: Rolling across the room to get to what she wants. Saying “dadadadada” and a few other sounds. She obviously isn’t purposefully saying dad, but Will loves to hear it just the same. Girlfriend isn’t even trying to get up on all fours to crawl yet, so not sure how long that will take, ha! Still no teeth yet, but I think her gums are starting to open up. I’d be surprised if she doesn’t have one or two by next month.

Clothes: Still 6-9 month. I’m ready for the weather to warm up consistently because I have quite the summer wardrobe built up for her. We’ve kind of got slim pickin’s for this cooler spring weather.

Eating: She’s 100% on formula now and I have never felt more free. I don’t have a bit of guilt about it this time around and we are all happy! She’s not eating a ton of solids right now, just at dinnertime. That month full of colds had her resisting solid food most of the time, but she’s getting back into it.

Sleeping: Still a good sleeper. No complaints here. She goes to bed around 7-7:30 and wakes up around 8. Sometimes I have to go comfort her in the night, but not much. Graham never slept til 8am on a regular basis, so this is new (and welcome) territory for me.

Mood: She’s been pretty fun lately. She still likes to be held, but what baby doesn’t? She’s pretty easy to get a giggle out of and we have a good time with her.

Likes: Graham is still on her likes list, although I don’t know how since he lives to pester her all day. He also sings and dances for her and gives her the happiest “Good morning Quinny! You have good sleeps?” every morning. We found out she’s a pretty big fan of bubbles so that’s a fun before bed activity both kids enjoy. She also likes swinging outside, which is perfect because Graham will demand we spend all day out there for the next few months.

Dislikes: Having her face wiped in any way.

Every month just keeps getting better and better. Her cousin Reese is crawling everywhere and pulling up on stuff, so I’m ready for Quin to catch up to her so they can play more together. We are a crazy bunch when we’re all together for sure!