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Quin Harper: 4 Months

We had some eventful 4 month photos this time around. The backstory is that I took the side off Graham’s crib a couple months ago and it’s been in the baby room since. So I was up on our little step ladder snapping pictures of Quin and before I could stop it that thing came crashing down on her face. Graham leaned against it and it fell right over. So I had two screaming kids because Graham was pretty stressed out about it. She ended up with a little mark on her face but mostly I think she was scared. We put off pictures for a day after that little incident.

This cry face was the very first photo I snapped. It was a sign…

Weight: 16 lbs 6 oz (85th percentile)
24.5 inches tall (60th percentile)
Head in 85th percentile

Quinny’s a big girl!

Milestones: She rolled over from belly to back 3 or 4 times, first time on 11/11, but doesn’t seem too interested in doing it any more. She started giggling a lot this month and can take her paci out of her mouth. She’s working on putting it back too, but doesn’t quite have that down yet. She’s really started experimenting with her voice this month and we’ve been hearing lots of high pitched squeals.

Clothes: Quin wears some 3-6 mo clothes, and some 6-9 mo. Her legs don’t seem super long, but the torso area is where we outgrow things!

Eating: Still breastfeeding with no issues. She does get a little wild during feedings, sometimes even crying, so it’s not enjoyable, but we’re still doing it.

Sleeping: She’s been sleeping from 8 or 9pm til 6 or 7am most of this month. It’s been glorious! I don’t expect it to last forever, but I’ll be happy if it does. I haven’t done much to make it happen. I just feed her for the last time around 8pm and then put her in her Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit. She usually falls asleep in that on my bed, then I move her over to the Halo Bassinet after a while. I’m planning to move her to her own room in the next week or so. Wish me luck!

Mood: Quin’s actually been a little more moody this last month than the first 3. She’s awake more and a little restless. I think that will resolve when she gets more mobile in the next couple of months, although she’s not working too hard to move much, ha!

Likes: She loves Graham, from a distance. He can make her laugh until he gets too close, which is all the time. She likes to eat and likes sitting more upright in the floor seat we got her. She’s still pretty laid back. She likes being talked to and will giggle and make some screamy noises back to you.

Dislikes: She’s not super fond of having her clothes changed or waiting to eat. And the carseat is becoming a place she doesn’t like much. Other than that I can’t think of much she really dislikes. Maybe wearing hats…ha!

I am: finally feeling more bonded to her. Like I have loved her since she was born, but it took a little longer this time to really feel a deep connection. I know that sounds bad, but she didn’t do much the first few months and Graham still demanded most of my attention. I’ve finally started feeling that heart bursting adoration this month, where I just look at her and think about how I love her so much it hurts.

Will is: still the best at getting her down for naps. Which is unfortunate when he’s not home…

I’m just so excited to be at this point and watch her start learning tons of new things every single month. We’re approaching my favorite part of the baby stage!