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Quin Harper: 1-3 Months

I wasn’t going to blog about Quin’s monthly stats this time around, because I feel like my blog has evolved and I don’t just don’t do many personal updates anymore. But tonight I decided to read through Graham’s monthly updates from his first year to figure out which month he was blowing lots of raspberries (month 2), and I loved reading it all so much that I have to do it for Quin too now.

Quin is a completely different baby than Graham was. They honestly don’t have much in common. He was so high maintenance and expressive and she is just so chill and sometimes I refer to her as a slug because she just lays there, haha! Honestly, it’s a nice change of pace.

She turned 3 months this week and I think it’s okay that I didn’t separate out the first 3 months like I did with Graham, because honestly not much has happened. With Graham, it was him and I all day long and I had time to pay attention to every detail. It’s a little different this time around. And we are still waiting to see more of her personality come out!

Weight: Born at 8.7 lbs
1 month: 10.8 lbs
2 months: 12.13 lbs (50th percentile for height, 80th for weight, and 99th for head size)
3 months: 14.10 lbs

Looking back I see that she was a full pound bigger (or more) each month than Graham. She does seem like a giant baby to me, and seems to be at least as big as her cousin Reese even though Reese is 4 weeks older. Baby girl loves to eat!

Milestones: She didn’t start smiling until around 8-9 weeks and was very selective at first. She’s just now getting pretty smiley and we got a couple giggles right before turned 3 months. She started cooing right around 2 months and a couple times a day will attempt to have a conversation with you. No rolling or signings of wanting to roll, ha! She’s always gripping onto her clothes or a blanket but no really interest in toys yet.

Clothes: We have been going through clothes like crazy. Around 2 months she moved up to 3-6 month clothes. I don’t feel like we got near enough wear out of her 0-3 mo stuff and now 3-6 mo fitting pretty snug. There’s no way this chunk will fit into the clothes she has now until she’s 6 months. Makes it hard to stick to a budget when we need to buy bigger clothes each month, ha!

Eating: Quin is doing great at nursing. We didn’t have near the problems I had with Graham. Sometimes when her belly hurts she’s a little fussy while eating, but overall breastfeeding has been a much more pleasant experience. By 1 month I was pumping for every feed during the day with Graham, and at 3 months I only pump a few times a week for Quin. Such a different experience!

However, I still hate breastfeeding. Maybe it’s PTSD from the last time around, but I have a constant countdown in my head of how much time is left until she’s 1 and I can stop. I’m not sure if I’ll make it that far, but that’s my goal. I keep telling myself if I save the money it would cost to buy formula, I can go to Spain next fall. Ha!

Sleeping: This is another area where Quin’s a little different from Graham. It seems I had him on a schedule pretty early. I can’t seem to figure out a schedule this time around. It gets a little more challenging when I have a toddler’s life to plan around.

The first few weeks, she was staying up and partying until 1am. That was not working for us, so I used the E.A.S.Y. baby method to move her sleep time up a bit. Within a couple days she was sleeping a little earlier. Now Quin goes to bed for the night between 9-10pm and sleeps until 4am usually, when we resume her normal schedule of eating every 2.5-3 hours. She eats and goes right back to sleep, so it hasn’t been a problem. Graham on the other hand still struggles to get a full night’s sleep and I’ve spent more time up with him in the middle of the night these last few months than with the baby. I would like to get her on a better schedule soon. I think we’d all benefit!

Mood: Quin has been so laid back these first 3 months. The first month she literally ate, slept and pooped. She would sleep nearly all day, every day and all night. Now that she’s 3 months, she’s awake a lot more, but is usually pretty content wherever you leave her. I do think she’s starting to realize that being held is pretty nice, so we’ll see how that goes in the coming months. She’s constantly being smothered by her loving big brother, and she tolerates it pretty well. She’s going to have to be a tough one.

If I’m honest, I have to admit I don’t feel like I know Quin’s personality at this point near as well as I knew Graham’s at this age. He also had so much spunk from a young age and Quin is happy to sit back and relax.

Likes: Being smiled at and talked to, her big brother (by some miracle, ha!), and her daddy. It took her a while to smile, but in month 3 she finally started doling them out more frequently. We’re finding she thinks it’s funny when we sing silly little songs to her while moving her arms or legs.

Dislikes: Tummy aches and tummy time (duh) and honestly I can’t really pinpoint much else. She’s just so mild!

I am: Tired. Overwhelmed. I feel like I can’t keep up with much of anything. I’m not sure how working moms do it, especially moms who work from home. I can’t find the right balance. Being a mom to little kids and babies is still the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I love my little family so much. Honestly, I’m glad we’re getting past the newborn stage and I can’t wait to watch Quin reach more fun milestones and show us more of her personality. I’m sure she’ll be wanting to keep up with her brother before long!

Will is: doing great at bonding with Quin. He regularly gets her to sleep when I am struggling and is still the best at getting baby giggles. He’s also spending a lot of time with Graham building airplanes and train tracks and everything else while I sneak away to feed Quin and relax most evenings. If he’d start cooking dinner every night, we’d really be doing swell!

What I want to remember: How she gets hiccups when she tries to talk a lot, Graham laying down beside her and saying “us cute!”, Graham patiently holding her every day the first few weeks and not being bothered by her crying, her amazing mean mugging skills, Graham picking out daily bows to wear when Quin wears one, the way her chubby back rolls move around like a puppy’s. Most of these are about Graham, but so far Quin’s life pretty much revolves around her big brother. I can’t wait to see them interact more.

I am so looking forward to the next few months. I feel like around 6 months everything gets so much easier and the days are filled with all the best moments. I don’t want to wish time away, but I really am excited for those days to get here!