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It’s All About the People

It’s All About the People

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I think the coolest part of taking the chance to start my own business is the people that I’ve met along the way. There’s this instant bond between entrepreneurs, even though I don’t feel like I qualify yet.

It’s kind of like blogging. I loved everything about blogging from the beginning because I felt like I had this inside knowledge on a whole different world that existed beyond what I previously knew. Being a business owner is kind of like that.

Before you start your business, while you’re researching and gathering information, some people can be a bit tight lipped about how it all works. I was lucky enough to meet an awesome boutique owner who gave me the inside scoop on everything. And Google, seriously how did anyone start anything before Google? But once you have an official website and something to sell, you’re allowed into the secret club of entrepreneurs.

They tell you that your ideas are awesome, that you’ve really got potential, that it’s okay if some people in your life aren’t as supportive or don’t believe in what you’re doing, because it’s their own fears creeping into their doubt. And it’s nice to hear because not everyone is supportive and a lot of people think you’re flat out crazy (especially when you quit your good-paying job). But they don’t hold back about how much work it really takes. They want to know how YOU got started and why you’re doing it and you half way wonder if everyone can tell how much you’re faking it, how much you have no idea what you’re doing.

This past weekend I set up a pop up boutique in Liberty, MO. It was slow, most likely a product of the weather, but it gave me time to talk to the people around me. The other shop owners in the building were so welcoming and encouraging. And then I met another shop owner from down the street who was just as enthusiastic about my boutique as I am, and she sells the same type of merchandise as me.

Basically, my point is that people amaze me every day. And I don’t mean that the only amazing people are entrepreneurs, because there are plenty of other people that inspire me on the daily, this is just something that blew me away this weekend. I can’t wait until I have expert advice to offer and can be as welcoming and helpful to new business owners!

So tell me, who has been inspiring you lately?