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Graham Russell: One Month

one month graham

Graham was a month old on the 19th and it seems unreal. I know that it is the most common thing in the world, but I’m still mind blown that I have been able to sustain a human life all on my own first for 9 months in my belly, and now for another month outside of it.

Graham One Month

Weight: 10 lbs 3.5 oz – This kid loves to eat and has a big ol’ belly to show for it. He has definitely outgrown his newborn clothes and fits pretty well into most 0-3 mo. outfits.

Eating: I’m super proud to say he’s only consumed breast milk so far! And I’m not saying this because I think it’s better than formula, but because we really have not had a pleasant experience with nursing and I’m proud of myself for sticking with it so far. I have started pumping during the day and only breastfeeding in the evening/overnight to give myself a break. Apparently he moves his tongue wrong while suckling which makes it pretty excruciating for me. I’m already plotting ways to save up a huge stash and feed him that the last couple months before he can move on to cow’s milk so that I can quit a little early. Could that actually work?

Sleeping: Graham is a great sleeper overnight. Sometimes we have a little trouble getting him to sleep, but once he does he only wakes for a diaper change, a quick feed and then is back to sleep. He usually sleeps 4-5 hours the first round, and then wakes up 3 hours later and starts his daytime routine of eating every 2.5-3 hours.

Mood: He’s a really good baby I think but he’s kind of high maintenance. He figured out early that being carried around is the best and will keep you on your feet most of the day when he isn’t sleeping. And he can tell the difference between rocking sitting down and rocking standing up, and he wants you up. Luckily we haven’t dealt with any full out screaming fits, just fussiness, so I’m probably guilty of giving in to his wishes a little too soon, but you can’t spoil a baby, right?? His good moods are starting to last longer and every day he’s becoming more and more interested in looking at specific things and even reaching for/batting at specific toys.

Likes: Being held/rocked, looking toward the light (he’s always gazing toward windows or light fixtures), eating, music, having his hands in his face, testing all his facial muscles with funny faces – I wish this list was longer but we’re still figuring out what makes him happy!

Dislikes: Diaper changes, sitting still, bath time

I am: Doing well. I think I was unprepared for how hard motherhood would be as a whole, although other than nursing I can’t really pinpoint why it’s hard. I get plenty of sleep so I can’t complain there, but it is definitely the most emotional experience of my life, which makes it the best but can also be draining. I am so looking forward to month 2 when he will start smiling and becoming more interactive.

Will is: back to work. His schedule has been really unfortunate filled with military training and training for work and has resulted in him being away more than he would be with his normal schedule. He has one more 3 day guard weekend coming up and then I think we will be back to his normal schedule and he’ll be around more. I, for one, can’t wait.

What I want to remember: I have a whole blog post about this. He’s already grown out of a few things and it makes me sad, but then so so excited for all the learning and fun that’s coming up!


jennifer prod

Wednesday 7th of October 2015

"the way i comfort him by letting him hold my finger" - so true. i love that :) good news? max still does that at 6 months :)