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Graham Russell: 9 & 10 Months

graham 9 months

graham 9 mo silly

graham 9 mo window

I have fallen so behind on these updates! Just know that the photos are actually happening. I am now combining months 9 and 10, and he turns 11 months in just 8 days! Whoops :)

This kid is growing up right before our eyes..and even though I should be used to it by now, I still comment out loud to anyone that will listen or to myself if we’re alone about how freaking cute he is. He is the biggest pain in the butt, but I just love him so much. Good thing since I’m stuck with him, huh?

During months 9 and 10 he started crawling rather well, he still maintained only 2 teeth and he perfected the art of pulling up and walking along furniture.

Stats: I think he’s still around the 20 lb mark. He hasn’t put on too much weight lately I don’t think, but he’s getting longer, and maybe even a little leaner as he crawls around like crazy.

Eating: Well eating has been a challenge. He might be picky. Or just hard headed. Mostly he still eats pureed baby food. He’s finally starting to get the hang of chewing solids, but sometimes he’ll just gag and spit them out instead. I know he isn’t choking because the food doesn’t even reach the back of his mouth, and I was tricky and tried an experiment with a puff (which he loves). In the middle of him gagging as I tried to feed him fruits and veggies with a spoon (because he refuses to pick them up himself and eat – however he has no problem doing so with puffs) I snuck a puff on the spoon. And just as soon as it entered his mouth he started the whole charade of gagging and spitting and what not. Caught him!

Sleep: Oh for months 9 and 10 sleep was pretty terrible. He got pulled into bed with mommy and daddy a few too many times and decided he liked it too much to sleep very long in his own crib. We’ve since nipped that in the bud, but I’ll explain more about that in our next update.

Graham 10 Months

graham 10 mo chew

graham 10 mo tongue

Mood: Well it’s truly shocking, but not really, that his demeanor hasn’t changed much since he was itty bitty. He’s still great around people, but stuck to his momma like glue. Especially if I try to leave the room or something. I’m not sure why he’s so anxious about it, but it’s a little frustrating sometimes, especially if I need to get anything done. But he is also super silly and happy as long as you don’t leave him, ha! I love all of his different squeals and sounds. We really do have a lot of fun!

Likes: Food – if you’re eating he wants to be eating, which I know sounds funny since he’s picky, but babies can justify anything! playing with blocks and his toy cars and vrooming them around. He loves bath times now and playing in the bathroom…or the closet to empty out my sock drawer. He’s beginning to like books more and he pulls hair less finally! And he might already have a sweet tooth despite my (sort of) efforts to keep him away from sweets.

Dislikes: Sitting in his highchair with no food in front of him, waiting for you to open his food, being left alone or when anyone leaves the room, sleep.

When you look strictly at the categories in this post, being a parent seems really frustrating. And in all honesty it is. Graham isn’t always the easiest baby. But months 9 and 10 have been my favorite by far so far. I love watching him grow and learn. It’s amazing to me to see a baby learn what we consider to be the simplest tasks. I mean if you think you’re not good at anything (which I’m guilty of sometimes), you really have come a long way. At one point you literally weren’t good at anything! Couldn’t even pick up your own food! I just think it’s crazy what all humans are capable of and how quickly we catch on to the world. I’m thankful to get to see it through his eyes!