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Graham Russell: 6 Months

graham 6 months

Graham was 6 months old on the 19th and time is starting to fly by! I look at him and can’t believe how grown up he looks and how much he’s changing all the time! This is the first photo shoot he’s actually taken an interest in and was curious about everything, the balloons, the banners, he was reaching for it all! He was a little scared when the balloon I gave him popped out of his hands and up to the ceiling.

graham 6 mo balloon

Milestones: This has been a big month for little Graham! He started rolling over both ways and sitting up unassisted this month. He got his first hair cut (we just trimmed off the rat tails!) and went on his first vacation to Columbia for state wrestling. He has also become fascinating with shaking his head back and forth as fast as he can, when he’s playing and being silly and when he’s tired!

Weight and Height: 16 lbs 5 oz and just under 26 in long! He’s in the 25-30 percentile, but we aren’t really surprised.

Eating: He’s tried sweet potatoes, apples, carrots, squash, green beans and prunes to date. I attempted to give him a piece of avocado to eat himself and he gagged and threw up a little, so I guess we aren’t ready for finger foods yet! (Don’t worry, the avocado didn’t even make it to the back of his mouth!)

Sleeping: We were hit with 3 bad colds this month, so things have been a little rocky, but overall he sleeps through the night. He likes to get up before the sun around 5:30 am every morning, so that’s fun! <—sarcarm. We need to work on teaching him to put himself to sleep instead of needing rocked, mostly for the middle of the night and when we are places without a rocking chair, so we might try some sleep training this month.

Mood: If Graham is cranky it’s usually because he is hungry or tired. The rest of the time he’s a pretty happy little guy and likes to talk to himself in different pitches, blow raspberries and explore. We alternate between practicing sitting up and rolling all across the living room until he gets stuck on something!

graham 6 mo eat

Graham 6 mo looking

Clothes: Right on track and just about ready for 6-9 month clothes. We definitely need to refill our jammy stock as it seems those always run smaller. I do wonder how normal or bigger babies fit in the age appropriate clothing since Graham is a pretty small baby and is keeping up.

Likes: Peek a boo, being startled (within reason of course!), keys or rings to play with, banging on things with his hands or toys, and he laughs and smiles when people laugh and smile at him! He’s taken an interest in everything around him and nothing is safe! I tend to forget sometimes that he can and will reach for things like my plate at a restaurant. I need to up my game!

Dislikes: Going to sleep, he’s started crying occasionally if you take something away from him and cries when people leave the room

I know it’s cliche but I really can’t believe we’ve been taking care of this little guy for half a year! It is the most challenging thing but the best thing. This weekend he is going to stay overnight with my mom for my birthday, my first night of uninterrupted sleep in 6 months. I am excited for the sleep but I know it will be hard to go a full day and night without him. Wish us luck!