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Graham Russell: 4 Months

Graham 4 months

Month 4 has been the best month so far! Graham is getting so smiley and so silly and we never get tired of hearing how cute he is! I have been bad about writing down his firsts as they happen, and I’m sure I’ll leave something out of this update because month 4 was a month of many firsts, including his first Christmas!

Weight: 14 lbs 6 oz – he hasn’t really grown too much in the last couple weeks weight wise and it had me all worried he’s not getting enough to eat. But based on those leg rolls I think he’s probably doing fine. We don’t have his 4 mo appointment for another week because of the holidays, so I’m excited to see how tall he is!


Eating: Still exclusively breastfed but we’ll start introducing solids this month or next. I’ve actually tried giving him a couple spoonfuls of rice cereal but he has made a face and spit them right back out. I’m looking forward to speaking with our pediatrician about it to see if she thinks he’s ready and for advice on when/how to get started.

Sleeping: Oh sleeping. I don’t know if he’s actually sleeping worse or if the lack of sleep is finally catching up to me but I’m feeling exhausted in the mornings! Some nights he sleeps 8-10 hours, others we are up and down much more frequently. He always naps in his crib and spent one full night there (waking up 3 times), but I’m struggling with it because I’m too lazy to go to his room 3 times a night, so then I move him back to our room after the first time he wakes up. Momma needs to suck it up and get him used to sleeping in his crib.

Mood: This little guy tests me on a daily basis. I consider him a high needs baby. He is definitely happy and smiles a lot and easily, but he also will cry at the drop of a hat. Or more accurately, at the drop of a Graham. He doesn’t like to be set down or left in one spot for too long. Carry him around all day and he’s happy as a clam. I’m hoping when he can sit up and move himself around better he’ll be more content on his own. But we have a lot of fun with him and finding new ways to make him giggle.

graham ninja

graham eating

grumpy graham

Clothes: 3-6 month clothes for the most part and 6-9 month jammies. I love dressing him up like a little man. So cute!

Likes: Being held, playing with his toes, breathing noises (like breathing in and making a surprised squeal, and recently sniffing has made him giggle), putting EVERYTHING in his mouth, flying through the air, hearing how cute he is

Dislikes: the carseat, being put to sleep, getting dressed

Things I want to remember: How he splashes in the bathtub with a completely straight face like he is determined to kick out all the water, his big open mouthed grins that lead to squeals and/or giggles, how he reaches out and grabs my face while taking a bottle, the quiet whining noise he makes as he’s falling asleep

This photo shoot was by far the hardest one so far. I mistakenly thought these would get easier the older he got but in reality he is moving around more making them harder, and making for some awkward photos! But I love them! However with the next baby I’ll be going with something better than a white onesie. Something cute that doesn’t show the pee stripe on diapers…. Unfortunately we are too far in to change it now!