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Graham Russell: 3 Months

Graham 3 months

We have surpassed the glorious 3 month mark, and it’s like a whole different world, but I guess that’s more for the 4 month update, isn’t it? I’m a couple weeks late in posting this, so I’m trying to remember what all Graham learned in month 3 because he’s been adding to his list of skills like crazy in the last 2 weeks!


Weight: 13 lb 4 oz – His growing is slowing down a little bit and evening out. He’s still got some cute chunk on him, but he isn’t as gassy as before (or he is but he’s just able to get it out on his own!) so his little belly isn’t quite as swollen. I’m loving his chunky leg rolls so much!

Eating: I’m exclusively pumping and he’s eating 4 oz bottles about every 2.5-3 hours during the day. I’m still planning to stop pumping in April when he’s 8 months old and use my stash to last the next 4 months, but I’m considering stopping earlier. We’ll see what happens :)

Sleeping: I think he’s technically considered sleeping “through the night” for his age. He usually sleeps a good 7-8 hour stretch, usually 8pm-3-4am, when we wake up for a diaper change and a bottle, then goes back down for a couple hours and we get up for the day between 7 and 8am. He’s still taking 4 naps a day, a morning nap, two little afternoon naps and a brief evening nap to tide him over until bedtime. He’s still in the rock n play and we are beginning the transfer to the crib. Wish us luck!

Graham 3mo

graham 3 mos

Mood: This is where we’ve seen the biggest improvement! Month 3 was the last month of trapped gas and we are so happy to be moving on to more cheerful waters. Over the course of the month he went from only selectively sharing smiles to smiling all the time, and it keeps getting better every day! We can set him down much more frequently and he’s pretty happy in his bouncy seat most of the time. He still likes all the attention to be on him, but that’s expected since I tend to spoil him a bit :)

Likes: Blowing raspberries and spit bubbles, touching and feeling everything with his fingertips, being held, kicking – he kicks when he’s happy and when he’s mad, those legs are always moving!

Dislikes: Tummy time, going to sleep – he’s such a sleep fighter

I am: so relieved to be past the 4th trimester. I don’t think I even completely understood that reference until it was over. I thought it didn’t apply to me, but looking back it definitely did. Everyone is much happier and I think I might even decide to have another baby some day, ha!

Will is: getting much more involved these days. Graham used to cry every time Will held him but they’ve finally started bonding alot better. Mom is still the best comforter when he’s upset, but Dad and Graham have started to have fun together. This newfound bond is such a relief to me for many reasons, but also because we can share responsibilities more, like bedtime and getting him down for naps.

What I want to remember: Watching Graham explore the world with his little fingers, finding him with toys over his face, hearing him blow spit bubbles and raspberries all day for a week straight (and then we moved on to new skills)

Graham gets more and more fun every single day. I love it so much! And I love him so much more every day. It’s like that Brad Paisley song where you think you couldn’t love him more from the beginning, but every day it just gets stronger!