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Easy Meals for a Toddler

I’m not sure at which point a baby goes from baby to a toddler – but Graham is toddling around so I call him both! Parenting has gotten way easier after that first year in some ways (like more sleep) but I still struggle with what to feed him (among other things). I don’t eat particularly healthy all the time and I don’t want to feed him everything I’m eating for that reason. Our fallback plan when we haven’t prepared ahead of time is Gerber 3rd Foods Lil’ Bits.

feeding a toddler

They are just so convenient and I can make sure he’s getting a full range of nutrients instead of the limited diet that’s all I can ever come up with to feed him.

They’re also a good starter ingredient to come up with a well balanced meal. In the morning, we love to make a baby-safe fruit smoothie. I just mix Banana Apple Strawberry with the blueberry yogurt. It makes enough to fill his tummy and I like giving him something other than just plain yogurt. He loves it enough to try shoveling it in by the handful!


Easy Meals for a Toddler | My Breezy Room

I also really love using the varieties with meat in them at dinner time because I struggle with what types of meat to give him since he still only has 4 teeth. You can mix together mashed potatoes and the Garden Vegetable & Beef Dinner for the baby’s version of Shepard’s Pie.

So until Graham gets some more teeth, we’ll probably be hanging out on the baby food train for a little while longer! Then I’ll really have to start cooking him some healthy meals! ;)

What do you feed your toddler? I’m always looking for new easy peasy ideas to keep him fed and healthy!