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Do you have a morning routine?

morning routine

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Since Graham was born, we haven’t really had much of a morning routine. I mean we had one that involved a morning bottle, then playtime, then breakfast, but not really a set time of day to get ready or set the tone for the day.

Now I’m taking Graham to a babysitter a couple times a week and I’m finding it’s much more complicated than I expected to make it out of the house in one piece with everything we both need for the day. In fact in the 3 weeks we’ve been doing this juggling act, I’m not sure there’s been a single day I haven’t forgotten something.

I know something I need to take out of my morning routine, and that’s social media. I don’t know why I can’t move forward with my day without consulting the world of Facebook first, but it’s really not that fulfilling and very rarely do I find something on Facebook that is uplifting for my day.

Instead, I really want to implement a routine that starts our day off on a more positive note. I definitely need to be more prepared the night before so things are packed and ready to go, but I’d like to add a specific ritual that helps us get into our groove.

Like maybe light a candle with a specific scent that makes us happy? Or I could work some fun playlists into our morning. I used to listen to music all day and all night (literally, I’d sleep with the radio on), but the summer I worked at a summer camp broke me of that because obviously it wasn’t practical when sharing a cabin with 10-20 other people – – so I’d like to get back into listening to some tunes.

So what about you? Is there anything specific you do in the mornings to make sure you set your day off right? I’d love to hear!