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Desserts Banner for Wedding

I’m really starting to get excited for the wedding now, especially the desserts, now that I’ve finally finished this banner! Between this and the cake topper, I’m feeling like yesterday was a pretty productive day. If you’re not impressed, I also cleaned out my car and cleaned up my garage a bit. 

Turquoise "Desserts" Banner - perfect for wedding!

This was pretty easy to make. You can buy a plain banner at Hobby Lobby, and we just picked out pretty scrapbook paper in different shades of turquoise/blue for each little triangle. Then we printed out the letters on regular paper and traced them onto some ivory construction paper and glued them on.

Turquoise "Desserts" banner

I’ve had these doors in my garage since I gave up my booth in the West Bottoms and I’ve been using them as a backdrop for photos of my painted furniture. I thought it would work well for this too, especially since I could hang the banner from the top of the garage door opener.

After sending a picture to my mom and sister, they suggested we use them at the wedding behind the desserts table, too! I guess if they’re willing to pack them out the next morning, I think it’s a great idea. I’d love to help, but I’ll be on a plane to Mexico by then!

Now my next major task for the wedding is picking out the music. Yes, the wedding is a week and a half away and I have yet to pick out music. There’s just so many options out there that it’s so hard to narrow down! When I ask for people’s opinions (something no one usually holds back when they don’t like something) everyone just says that it’s up to me.

And I understand picking out a song for walking down the aisle (leaning toward something traditional here) and the first dance, but the cake cutting song?? Come on, I never realized that people pick out a specific song for cutting the cake. Too much work! I mean, who even cares?

How did you/would you pick out your wedding music? Would you do something original or stick to the traditional music for the ceremony? 


Colleen Pastoor

Thursday 29th of May 2014

So cute! The doors will look great behind the desserts table. We picked out our ceremony and entry songs etc. but left the dance music and reception music up to our DJ. We just told him the type of reception music we had in mind. We didn't do a cake cutting song either :)


Friday 30th of May 2014

Thank you! I've picked most of our songs now, and included a little T. Swift because I'm an obsessed 13-year-old, but the dang cake song is still something I can't decide on. All the popular ones are just so corny!!!

jennifer prod

Tuesday 27th of May 2014

haha, i have to say i lovvve your easy-going attitude about wedding music- you're right, as long as it's fun, who cares? i don't think you'll look back and remember the song that was playing - you'll be thinking about how happy you are to be married and how grateful you are that everyone is at you wedding (oooh and how delicious the cake tastes!) great job on the sign!!


Friday 30th of May 2014

Right?! Almost everyone I've asked about the songs they used at their weddings could barely even remember! I've picked out all but the cake song now, and I just can't figure that one out! Lol!


Tuesday 27th of May 2014

I love everything you have posted for your wedding! I can't wait to see all the pictures! We had an amazing DJ. He is a club DJ so we left everything up to him. Of course we picked out important songs but gave him free reign after that. It worked out perfect.


Tuesday 27th of May 2014

We met with our DJ last week and we're pretty much giving him free reign, too. But he gave me a list "events" (aisle, first dance, father/daughter dance, cake cutting and last song I think) to pick out. Hopefully I'll get it figured out tonight!