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14 Cute Cactus Must Haves

Cacti are the new pineapples (you know, like plants are the new cats), they’re welcoming! I mean don’t think too much about it because they’re actually prickly and all that good stuff, but these cute cactus decor items will make your home feel a little more carefree and cheery. And that’s exactly how I want my home to be!

Also spring is coming and there is nothing better than a bright and quirky cactus to make you happy and help you hang in there for the last days of winter! There is just something about these cactus products that is just so darn cute you can’t resist them!

Cute Cactus Must-Haves | My Breezy Room

Everything on this list is from Amazon and most of them qualify for 2 day shipping! You can click on my affiliate links or the images to go straight to the product pages!

Cactus LED Light

I got this super fun LED light for my sister for Christmas because she’s into Kasey Musgraves and campers and is a “free spirit.” Ha! But really it fits her style perfectly. My sister is waaaayy better at this home decor game than I am and is always telling me that I’m overthinking things. But she’s one of those people who can take 10 different styles and mix them in one room and effortlessly pull off that eclectic style. So of course there are now some cacti in the mix!

Cactus Tea Towels

I also got her these tea towels because she’s getting married this summer and going to need some! These would make such a fun housewarming gift. Or ya know, just keep them for yourself!

Cactus Doormat

I have a thing for plant doormats right now (I just made this DIY one) and I love the look of this one! So fun!

Cactus Desktop Organizer

Ok I am so not obsessed with office supplies and organizers like a lot of people. I believe in really neat stacks of paper but everything else I’ve tried to use in the past I usually forget about. BUT – this I need. I don’t even care if I use it or not, I just want to look at it! Just try to tell me that wouldn’t bring some joy to your day while you work! I won’t believe you.

Cute Cactus Pillows  & Bedding

There are so many good cactus pillows out there. This cactus shaped pillow would be so fun for a kids room,  and I personally can’t decide between the green and white or black and white cactus pillows. I should probably just get them both. But really you should just go look at all of them, because people are really creative with these things and there are so many cool ones!

There are even cactus comforters! How awesome are these, for real? 

Cactus Wall Art

These decals would be so fun for a statement wall! And they’re removable!

Or this wall art that’s a little less of a project to put on your walls.

Ok and last but not least, you can actually buy a live cactus (or any other plant) on Amazon too!

So do you believe me now that you need at least a little cactus in your life? Of course you probably already knew that. And I feel like I should let you know that I refrained from adding an inflatable cactus to this list because I couldn’t really think of a reason that you would need it, but you probably do anyway.

Do you have any cute cactus decor in your home? I’d love to hear about it! And if you buy anything from this list, I’d love to hear about that too!

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Thursday 25th of June 2020

How nice, I love the Cactus LED Light. Thanks for sharing so great selection.