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Coffee Table Fail

You guys, I ruined my coffee table! I hate it!!!

coffee table

*Notes about this photo: we are pretending I moved the baby stuff out of the picture and that it’s taken from a nice angle and the cup holders are painted white like they should be – and we are also realizing that I’m getting rid of that green end table. It was never meant to stay around, but it did. How does that happen?*

Ok it isn’t actually ruined, but it looks terrible. The stain turned out way Way WAY too dark, and I’m so frustrated with myself for choosing it. I went to the local place that sells General Finishes stain and I bought two colors, both of which I had reservations about at the time. I guess I’m just scared of ending up with an orangey oak look, so I erred on the side of caution and bought a gray and the java. I already know that gray stain usually looks terrible on it’s own, and the java was way too dark, but I thought I could wipe it back and make it lighter. *bangs head against wall*

So first I stained it gray to see what that would look like. I don’t have a picture but I hated it. So in the past I’ve mixed gray and ebony of the liquid stain and it was lovely, so I thought I’d just layer a the java on top and wipe it back so it was barely coating the gray and I’d get the same look. Just an FYI, not the same.

Why didn’t I just mix them from the beginning you ask? Why didn’t I practice on a spare piece of wood you ask? Because I’m lazy. Ugh…

ALSO – I’m having trouble narrowing down my decorating “style.” I want a mixture of looks and I know it can be done, but I’m having a hard time explaining it to Will. And when something like this happens he is even more confused about what I’m going for and doesn’t trust me to make our house look pretty.

Why does he care you ask? Good question. He drives me crazy!

So I’ve been cruising on Wayfair to make myself feel better and have picked out some end tables and coffee tables I like (that are all way above my price range). As you can see, the vibes of what I painted and what I want are not jiving. While these are all pretty much stained, I could handle the painted bottom if I could get the stop stained correctly. Plus, aint nobody got time to sand down the entire table…

End Tables


Coffee Tables


Also – I’m not even sure if I want a coffee table. We’ve been living without one for the past 6 weeks while I was working on this one (or not working on it), and I actually didn’t mind not having it. More than anything it ends up piled with clutter, so maybe I just want end tables?

Do you have a coffee table? Do you keep it clean?



Friday 29th of January 2016

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Sunday 31st of January 2016

Cindy, please email me about this at [email protected]