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Bribing a Toddler with a Healthy Snack

Having a one year old is so fun. Graham’s a handful, but he’s silly and cute and I love this age so much! I’m also so excited to dress a toddler this fall (more on that next week), so much more fun than dressing a squishy newborn!



All the baby books say that around this time he’ll start eating less and be itching to get down and be on the go. While he’s pretty busy, he does not give up any food in exchange for activities. If you’re eating, he needs to eat (even if he just ate), if he’s eating and his tray starts getting empty he starts fussing (even when he still has food left), when meals are over he’s mad every time. This kid never gets full and I’m pretty sure his constant eating keeps him from even knowing what being hungry actually feels like.

The one good thing about a constantly hungry baby is that he is super easy to bribe – you just need a snack, ha! The one thing I really do try to do is prevent giving him a bunch of junk food to fill his tummy. Occasionally he gets a little junk here and there – because Will and I are usually pretty terrible eaters – but for the most part he gets fruits, veggies, and meat with a few easy on-the-go snacks thrown in.

One go-to snack he loves is Gerber® Lil’ Beanies. They’re made from navy beans so they’ve got a lot of nutrition + they work great to distract him with his favorite activity (eating) when mama wants to get ready in the morning without a toddler hanging on her legs. Win-win! You can get them for your little one in the baby aisle at Walmart now and take advantage of this Ibotta offer.