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This week, I’m fighting my life-long struggle of being a blob – which is what my sister and I determined we are most of the time. We realized that we always have to-do lists, goals, dreams, aspirations but then we just sit on the couch like the blobs that we are and watch Fixer Upper all night instead of working on our own projects. Essentially, I’m a blobber, not a blogger.

But then, I got some sweet magnetic paint in the mail that is meant for my kitchen cabinet painting project, so I’m in a tizzy to finish the rest of my in-progress projects so I can move on to that. The kitchen is definitely a place I don’t want to be in limbo for 6 months…

kitchen cabinets

kitchen sink

So, exactly how many projects do I have in limbo right now??? Too many to count. Some of them are still completely in my head but I feel as though they need to be finished before I can start on the kitchen. So, here’s the list:

Finish coffee table that’s been sitting in the garage for 2 months – I ran into a snag when I realized that stripping it wasn’t enough, I’m going to have to sand it down to open up the wood grain so it will take the stain I want to use on it. Sanding that will take 10 minutes because I’ve already stripped it twice. See this is what blobs do. They put off 10 minute tasks for 2 months.

Repaint bedroom furniture – I keep bouncing from room to room but I feel like I want just one finished room in my house to hang out in. I feel like budget wise our bedroom is the most attainable since I don’t have to buy any new big pieces of furniture or anything. I have the paint and stain, I just need to get going on it. This should be an easy project. Then I just need to buy picture frames and get some stuff on the wall and it’ll be pretty much done – minus the headboard!

This picture is pretty “outdated.” I’ve got a new bedspread and pillows that completely change the look.

Painted White Trim

Hang coat rack – I bought a coat rack last Friday. I know exactly where I want to put it. It requires 2 nails. It’ll probably be leaning against the wall for a year. #blobbing

Redo stair banisters – This one I’m a little upset about because I should be done with it but I can’t get the product to work the way I want, so pretty much I’m going to be starting completely over and sanding down to bare wood and redoing it. Same issue as the coffee table, I need to get it to bare wood so it’ll take the stain. I can’t get the gel stain to look right with all the grooves. I just spent $35 on oil based gel stain that I thought was water based and would have solved my problem. This is the real DIY life.

Okay I guess this list doesn’t sound that long, and surely I can knock it out this week if I work hard on it, but I keep getting distracted with ideas to build a shelf for my living room, or some other project that would be nice but we aren’t ready for.

Wish me luck and tell me all your secrets for being productive!!


Jen K

Thursday 21st of January 2016

I can totally relate to blobbing. I think my problem is that I get over overwhelmed that I shut down. I'll figure it out eventually.


Thursday 21st of January 2016

Yes, I totally know what you mean! Also - I just kind of like to relax. I'm definitely not someone who ever feels like things need to get done "right now." I'm a last minute person and when there is no real deadline, I have trouble getting things accomplished!