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Adding Pineapples to Your Home Decor

Adding Pineapples to Your Home Decor | My Breezy Room

As a neutral lover, I’m also a big fan of adding quirky pieces to your home. They add so much personality to your spaces. It’s a great way to insert your personality into current trends. I wrote a post for The Weathered Fox with over 30 ideas for adding pineapples to your home decor. I cover wall decor, pillows, planters (of course), doormats, bedding, kitchenware, and a few miscellaneous items that didn’t fit in a specific category! So if you ever come visit my home, don’t be surprised at all when it’s covered in pineapples. Because I found some pretty awesome stuff we all need! And bonus – most of the stuff I linked is from Etsy – so small business owners!

Read the whole post here.

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