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13 Week Bumpdate

I did so well with blogging last week and then fell off the bandwagon again. I thought I’d show up today for a bump date, since (spoiler alert) I actually have one now. However, I do think this picture is a bit misleading. It doesn’t look near this big unless I guess you’re looking at me at exactly this angle.

13 week bumpdate

size of the baby: About 3 inches

total weight gain: Still not sure about the exact amount but I don’t think it’s too significant.

maternity clothes: I caved and bought some stuff this week. I had to go up a bra size so I decided to grab a couple shirts, then had to go back the next day for some maternity yoga pants. I went to the gym on Tuesday and my stomach was literally hanging over my yoga pants. And not in a cute bump way but in a “my-pants-are-cutting-off-my-circulation” way. So excited to try out the stretchier ones!

movement: Don’t think so. But only 3 more weeks until it’s about time…maybe.

sleep: WE BOUGHT A KING SIZE BED THIS WEEK. My life is complete. We’re picking it up today and so tonight will be our first time sleeping on it and I am expecting life changing results.

nursery: So far I’ve only bought a rug for the nursery, since we don’t actually have a house yet or a room for it. It might seem like a random purchase but I found it at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago for a great price so I had to grab it. It’s just a black and white striped one so if it doesn’t work out I can use it somewhere else when we finally buy a house.

what i miss: My flat stomach. But I’m also really excited for my bump.

craving: None.

symptoms: The only symptom I have this week is my growing body. And I guess the first cold I’ve had in about 2 years, but I’ve been told it’s normal for your immune system to struggle a bit during pregnancy. I’m just ready to breathe again.

will is: “I’m excited. It’s going to be good,” says the expectant father.

looking forward to: The 2nd trimester! I cannot believe that this is last week in my 1st trimester and I’m pretty much 1/3 of the way through everything. It’s crazy how fast and slow time is moving at the same time.

best moments: I got the baby book I ordered a few weeks ago in the mail this week. I got this one from Etsy and I love it! The inside has a lot more features than I was expecting to keep track of the pregnancy and every month of the baby’s first year!



Friday 13th of February 2015

Love the bump!!!! And the baby book is super cute. I want to see it in real life!!