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12 Week Bumpdate

12 week


size of the baby: about 2 inches

total weight gain: I think I’ve gained a few pounds but I let my little brother borrow my scale for wrestling season so I don’t know exactly. But the weight gain at this point is most likely a product of my eating habits and not an emerging bump.

gender: We’re going to try not to find out. And I’m new at this so I have absolutely feelings “telling me” what I think it is.

maternity clothes: Not yet.

movement: Not for a few more weeks according to the experts.

sleep: Even though I’m not bigger or anything yet I am always really uncomfortable when I try to relax. Will thinks it’s in my head, but I just feel different. Again, I’m a first-timer so I’m not exactly sure how to explain it, but I definitely havne’t been sleeping as well lately. I go to bed early enough most nights to gets enough zzzzs in though!

nursery: I have a navy and turquoise gender neutral inspiration room picked out. People keep telling me it looks like a boys room, but we aren’t going to force gender rules on our children anyways (my decision) so I don’t care! I think it’ll be adorable!

what i miss: Does it make me a bad future mom to say that I would really like a glass of wine?

craving: No real cravings yet but I haven’t felt like eating much healthy food, which is why I mentioned earlier that I’ve probably gained some weight. Now that I’m a little further along I need make myself eat it and exercise more. All the junk food always sounds good though.

symptoms: I really haven’t had much in the way of symptoms. Some soreness where it’s normal, but not sickness. I got naseous a few times when confronted with certain smells (specifically cooked veggies, which I normally like) but never threw up. I think I’m past that stage now so I should be in the clear. I really haven’t even been that tired like most people said I would be. My pregnant friends have been known to go to bed as early as 7 in the first trimester but I didn’t feel that way. I get a little draggy in the afternoon and need a nap, but isn’t everyone that way?

will is: pretty excited I think. But he gets tired of all the pregnancy talk from time to time. Especially when I try to convince him that the baby wants ice cream or something that requires him to get up and get it for me :) He seemed more into it after we got the ultrasound at our first appointment and he got to see something that actually resembled a human.

looking forward to: My next appointment. It’s on my birthday so I’m going to try to convince them to let me see it again even though it’s not standard procedure.

best moments: Today a coworker brought me our first little baby toy. It’s one of those taggies toys and it was just really sweet of her to think of us! And she also brought me some lotion for myself so I wouldn’t feel left out. Can you tell she’s a mom? 



Friday 6th of February 2015

Fun update! You're adorable. My unsolicited advice that some people are sure to disagree with, is to not get a bunch of unnecessary ultrasounds since they may not be that good for Junior. You think you want wine now, just wait until the kiddo is about 4... LOL! xo


Friday 6th of February 2015

Ok I believe you but can I pu-leeeasseeee just have one on my birthday? Then I won't ask for any more extras! Promise!